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TIOH Circles – Join One

TIOH Circles are small affinity groups of self-selected TIOH members who co-create a close-knit, micro-community. Your Circle will include fellow TIOH members to share a fun opportunity, a deep conversation, a creative project, or an experience. Some Circles will be best experienced live and in-person, while others can be held in virtual settings. If you’d like to suggest or lead a Circle, please indicate that in the form below.

All Circles will be co-led by TIOH members and will receive group facilitation training and support from Rabbi Michelle Missaghieh, Leia Grossman and other lay leaders.

Circles are open to TIOH members only, at no cost. If none of the circles listed below interest you, please send us suggestions for other TIOH Circles.

We are looking forward to having our new Circles start meeting by the end of May–Early June of 2022.

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