On Saturday afternoons, parents and children learn side-by-side in Shabbaton, a program designed to build and foster community. In Shabbaton, multi-generational learning is hands-on, developmentally appropriate, and designed to link naturally to families' lives at home. Each Shabbaton session ends with Havdallah, a ritual to mark the end of Shabbat. The Shabbaton Family Retreat is a highlight of the year, as is students' participation in the 4th-6th Grade Retreat. Each year, Shabbaton has a new curricular them. Recently, our year-long themes have included: Sheilot v'Teshuvot: Asking Questions and Finding Jewish Answers, Torah, and Middot (Jewish virtues).

3rd-6th Grade students in the Shabbaton Program learn Hebrew once a week in small groups of 3-4 students at a fixed time (Monday-Thursday) in private homes or at TIOH. Shabbaton Hebrew groups are taught by TIOH Hebrew teachers, who tailor lessons to small-group learning. During Hebrew, students learn key prayers and blessings, as well as modern Hebrew vocabulary and root words. Using the newly developed Kol Yisrael series, students learn Hebrew through games, songs, and interactive activities.

In place of Traditional Sunday Religious School, Kindergarten-2nd Grade siblings of 3rd-6th Grade Shabbaton participants can elect to take part in a special K-2 Class, which meets at the same time as the Shabbaton Program. In the "Sibs' Class," all students have the opportunity to experience Jewish life in a warm and engaging communal atmosphere. In the Sibs' Class, learning centers around art, movement, creativity, and joy. This class integrates Jewish studies and Hebrew. Jewish studies focus on Torah stories, values, holidays, Israel, community, rituals, and blessings.


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