I have been a member of TIOH along with my family Stefanie and Sophie since 2001 when Sophie began at the nursery school. Sophie graduated from 6th grade at TIOH and is now a junior at Marlborough School in Hancock Park. I have been honored to serve on the Board in many capacities over the years, most recently as Vice President of Administration (I think that's my new title) I feel as though I have grown up at the Temple, having made life long friendships. I am particularly passionate about the adult learning opportunities that are available at TIOH. The clergy have and continuing to offer wonderful opportunities to expand my knowledge of Israel and the world at large. I am currently excited to be participating in a Women's Salon with women from TIOH and a number of Muslim women from the greater LA community.
Professionally I have been a lawyer at the Law Offices of Allred, Maroko and Goldberg for over 30 years and very proud to work at a firm that prides itself in its aggressive pursuit of justice. I have served on the Executive Committee of the Labor & Employment Section of the Los Angeles County Bar Association for over 10 years.