PallenbergOur family has been a member of TIOH since 2000 when our daughter Ella started Preschool at the age of two. Our son Owen soon followed in her footsteps. I still remember the day Sherry Fredman yelled my name down the hall asking me to run challah sales for the preschool. It was an easy first step in a lifelong dedication to becoming an active participant in temple life. I learned early on that volunteering is a great way to make friends and become connected to the community. That initial opportunity lead me to becoming a Big Sunday and Purim Carnival volunteer, Big Sunday Book Collection coordinator, Religious School coordinator for the Penny Lane Big Sunday carnival, RS 8th grade field trip coordinator to Skid Row; and a Havurah, Shabbaton and Women's Retreat participant. However, it was Ella's trip to DC with the 9th grade Teen Program and Rabbi Jocee that really changed her life and made me want to become even more involved. After my son's Bar Mitzvah last year, I was asked to be on the Family and Youth Education Commission where I pushed for the RS to publicize their successes. This last year I was asked to be on the Social Action/Social Justice Committee where we are pushing for Gun Safety laws, Justice reform among other issues dear to our collective hearts, and the leadership program, Ateedenu. And now I am honored to have been asked to be a Trustee on the TIOH board. I love this community and hope my contributions lead to an even more inclusive and thriving community. Professionally, I'm the Account and New Business Director for a creative agency that specializes in marketing brands and entertainment.