Lesser resizedIt is a pleasure to re-join the Board of TIOH, after a 10-year break. I continue to be impressed by and grateful for the dedication and wisdom that our lay leadership brings to our community. And, I am honored to be back, this time as the Women of TIOH president.

My husband Mike and I created our family here 25 years ago. We have raised our children and have seen them progress through all the TIOH schools and children’s programs. We take pride in the fact that both Zoe and Eli remain connected and consider TIOH home, as we do as well.

My role with Women of TIOH partners me with a group of exceptional, committed members, along with our remarkable clergy and TIOH senior staffers. We work together to encourage participation and volunteerism in the many spiritual, cultural, educational and other opportunities that TIOH offers. As a new empty-nester, I look forward to seeing more of you more often at TIOH and WoTIOH events!